Press Release : Simplified Industrial Systems is now Simplified Facilities Group Date: 02/20/2009

Simplified Industrial Systems is Now

Simplified Facilities Group, Inc.

And They Have Moved!

CONTACT: Michael Sherrill, President
February 20, 2009

Avon, Ohio—Reflecting a more accurate representation of the company’s core purpose, Simplified

Industrial Systems, Inc. has been re-branded as Simplified Facilities Group, Inc., says company president Michael Sherrill.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the reintroduction of our company under our new name, Simplified Facilities Group, Inc.” Sherrill said. “Nothing else has changed. We remain 100 percent committed to the intimate service that we provide and satisfaction of our clients.”

The reason for the name change? “We determined that our former company name did not precisely portray who we are—a total facilities support company,” he explained. “At the outset, it was our vision that we would focus on industrial customers & services but our opportunities and performance in the marketplace demonstrated that we are more than capable of handling facilities support on a much broader scope.”

Approved by Jennifer L. Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State, the new business name has taken effect immediately. Email, website and phone numbers have been changed as well Sherrill said. All current modes of communication will remain working during the transition to ensure constant contact and availability, however; clients are encouraged to begin using the new contact information listed below.

A New Location!

Our new facility is located at 588 Ternes Avenue, Elyria. This is a very exciting opportunity for the company as it positions itself for growth and firm position in the marketplace.

Simplified Facilities Group, Inc. offers institutional, industrial and commercial property owners a reliable, high quality, single source alternative to in-house resources for facility management, project management and maintenance solutions. With a focus on facility preservation and continuous improvement, Simplified Facilities Group will be a single provider for ongoing and project-based maintenance for small to mid-size properties.

We provide excellent value to our customers, return on investment to our stakeholders and a commitment to everyone involved.

588 Ternes Avenue Elyria, Ohio 44035 Phone: 440-365-1725 Fax: 440-365-1728